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You all know how much I LOVE working out, so I bet you wouldn’t believe me when I tell you that I used to have a hard time getting my workout in. That’s right I actually did! I train clients both in person and online, do speaking engagements and run workshops to name a few things so this leaves my schedule jam packed. A little while back I noticed that I kept pushing my workouts later and later (you know how I appreciate sleep, so this didn’t work out) or even to the next day because I just, “didn’t have time.” I need to work out though because it is a major stress relief and makes me feel good (hello endorphins) so I knew something needed to change! If you’re finding yourself like I was and struggling to make time to work out, then I’ve got you covered! Try out one or more of the 5 options below and you will be thanking yourself that you did:

1.Schedule it: How many of you are constantly scheduling meetings/conference calls at work, or running to your child’s scheduled afternoon activities or appointments? You make the time to schedule and adhere to events for everyone else but why not give yourself that me time you deserve and schedule a workout? Make yourself a priority and start scheduling your workouts so that it is a blocked off time in your day for you to get active. It doesn’t matter if you have 30 minutes or over an hour, put that workout in your calendar and treat it like a high priority meeting or one of your kid’s activities. Not only will you feel better having gotten in that exercise, but others will start to notice too that you have more energy and a bigger smile on your face. Just remember once it’s scheduled it’s a propriety and soon it will become habit and you won’t want to miss out!

2. Before Work: That’s right, one of the best ways to get in a workout is to do it before you go to work in the morning. This is because it’s the first thing you’re doing in the day, so there are no excuses that something has come up or that you’re tired from a busy and plan on getting to it later. You’re hitting the ground running early in the morning and spiking those endorphins to leave you feeling good for the rest of the day. You might be thinking but how, I’m not a morning person. Well a few ways to make this happen are 1. Lay your clothes out (pack the gym bag) and make your lunch the night before so you can jump out of bed and be ready to go 2. Go to sleep EARLIER! 3. Book a class or meet a friend so that you are less likely to cancel and adhere to that morning schedule. I’m a morning person NOW so I know over time you’ll be a convert like me if you commit to it!

3. Lunch Time Workout: Do you ever notice that you’re working through your lunch and not taking that time to refocus? Well if your work has a gym or there is one close by why not take that hour and get in a workout! It will be a great way to detach from a busy or stressful day and will give you energy for the rest of the afternoon. A few things that will help make it productive so that you don’t feel rushed to get back to your desk are: 1. Plan your workout in advance so you know what you want to achieve 2. Do a HITT workout (nothing can burn calories quick in a shortening time like HITT) and 3. Bring your lunch to work so that you don’t have to stop on your way back to the office. If you don’t have a gym nearby, grab a coworker or listen to your favourite podcast and head out for a walk. The outdoors will help ground you from a busy day and get that heart rate up in a positive way!

4. Evening Workouts: They give you all the same benefits of morning or lunch workouts so if it works better for your schedule than make it happen. The problem that lots of people run into is that after a long day at work they just want to go home and relax, or they have commitments at home to attend to. Don’t worry though I got you covered on how to make it work! 1. Pack your bag and bring it with you so that you go straight from work to the gym. This limits any distractions at home or sitting on your couch for, “just a minute” that turns in to the evening. 2. If you have kids at home than set them up with something to play with and do an at home workout so your close if they need anything but still getting it in! If you’re looking for an at home workout check out my program HERE!

5. Find An Accountability Partner:  Simply put, find a friend and schedule to meet them at the gym or at a class. Not only can working out with a friend be more fun and motivating, you are less likely to bail when someone else is joining you! If it’s the weekend add brunch in after so that you have time to catch-up and enjoy the weekend without skipping that workout. 


As you can see, if your prepared and make time to schedule your workouts it doesn’t matter the time of day you get in your workout. The benefits are always there you just have to make it a priority!

If you’re looking for accountability and some insight on what to do in the gym or at home for your workouts, CLICK HERE for your FREE 15-Minute Call with me! We will have you planning and following through with your workouts in no time!

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