Weight Loss Motivation That Really Works

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Weight Loss Motivation That Really Works

You’ve taken the hardest step – the first one – toward improving your lifestyle. Immediately after that first step the focus is easy to keep, but as on any path you may have hit some bumps and are beginning to lose your momentum. Whether you have just started on your weight loss journey; are looking for the motivation to continue despite reaching a plateau; or are simply looking for reinforcement, it’s always good to step back, reflect on your goals, evaluate your progress, and celebrate your victories.

We all have times when a project becomes too difficult, an exercise seems just too tough, or we are stuck at a weight we just can’t seem to change. It’s normal, it’s part of growth, and it’s what makes reaching that goal feel so incredible. When you feel your motivation failing, don’t give up, continue reminding yourself that your next accomplishment is right around the corner.

When your motivation is low try these self-check-in exercises.

Ask Yourself Why You Started
What made you decide to start training? Did you want to lose weight? Did you want to boost your confidence? Did you have an event you wanted to look fabulous for? Did you want to reach a goal such as preparing for a marathon?

We all make life changes for our own personal reasons. We may want to feel better, look better, or maybe we just need a change. Whatever the turning point was, you’ve taken the hardest steps to reach your goals and you are already on your way. Unfortunately, sometimes motivation seems difficult to find, but that is exactly why you need to stop, step back and remember why you took that first step.

Reflect On Your Achievements
How are you different from a month ago? How are you different from six months ago? Do your clothes fit differently? Can you complete physical activities for longer periods of time before you get winded?

Take some time to reflect on how far you’ve come on your personal journey and give yourself credit. During your initial training session, were you able to hold a plank for 10 seconds, but now, three weeks later, you can hold it for 30 seconds? Were you only able to complete five squats with your own body weight, but now can complete 20 after only a few weeks? While these may seem like minor achievements, look back and appreciate how much you’ve already achieved. Then visualize what you’ll be able to accomplish in another few weeks’ time.

Keep a record of where you started and each level you’ve reached since then. When you feel your motivation wavering, look at the undeniable proof in front of you. Always remember – an increase in muscle may decrease your measurements, but keep your weight level. As long as you can see progress in one category, you are still moving forward even if you don’t see a change in other areas. Stay positive. Your hard work is a great achievement in itself.

Remind Yourself What Achieving Your Goals Means To You
Does reaching your goals mean an end to your current fitness program? Once you have achieved your desired results to lose 30 pounds in 6 months or to complete a marathon in less than 4 hours – What will it mean to you? How will you feel? Will you change your program or will you set new goals?

Think about how you felt the first time someone noticed the change in you. Maybe it wasn’t something they could pinpoint. Maybe they complimented your hair although you knew your face looks thinner. Did someone comment on your new clothing or how your jeans fit? Someone noticing your progress is a great accomplishment. So, how did that accomplishment feel?

Think forward to how you believe you will feel when you reach the end goals you set. Are you seeking to check off another box on your list of goals? Are you looking for the personal satisfaction of working hard to get “there” (wherever “there” is)? Are you hoping to have others recognize the changes you’ve made?

Whatever achievement means to you is what truly matters. If you want recognition from others or a sense of personal satisfaction that is what is most important. Everyone has their own journey, be true to you and own YOUR journey whatever your motivation is.

Check In With Yourself
If you are looking for great motivation, look within yourself first. Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe. Feel what you’re feeling at this moment, then think about where you were six months ago. Walk over to a mirror and take a good look at the person you see reflected back at you. Select a few things you like about your body and think about how they may have looked differently six months ago.

Celebrate the changes you see before you and the thoughts passing through your mind. You are responsible for the changes within. If you hadn’t made the decisions bringing you to this place in your life, you’d still be the person you were six months ago. Having a personal trainer to help motivate you is a great way to keep the momentum, but you are the one responsible for that first step. Be proud of you.

You are doing a great job in continuing along the path you chose. If you don’t achieve your goals as quickly as you would have hoped, it’s okay as long as you keep reaching for that prize.

Rely On Your Personal Motivation Team
Remember – you’re part of a team. Your personal trainer is there to boost your motivation and keep you on track. Just because you may be lagging a bit in regard to your own timeline does not mean your goals are out of reach or you have gone off track. Talk with your trainer about how you are feeling. Maybe a switch in routine or location is in order. Maybe dreary weather has you feeling down and you just need some time working out in fresh air or a different environment. Whatever it is, your trainer is behind you to help you be the person you want to be and will work with you to make the necessary changes to keep you moving forward.

There is one thing you should always remind yourself — Don’t ever try to compare your progress to anyone else. You are on your own path achieving your own unique goals because your life is all about you and how you feel about you…and you are doing fabulously.

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