Weighing In On The Great Debate About Weights

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You enter the gym; you look to the cardio sections, of course, filled with mostly women running relentlessly on the treadmill, entering the spinning or aerobics class. Now take a gander at the weights section, you see men (all shapes and sizes), you hear grunting, you see weights and a few machines that feature weights.

The scene painted above seems to be the norm for most gyms, whether it is small boutique styles or big commercial gyms; men dominate the weight sections where as women dominate cardio based equipment. Have you ever wondered why women are afraid to lift weights (except the grunting they hear from the men)?

Most women are afraid of lifting weights out of fear they may hurt themselves, uncertainty surrounding how to properly utilize them or a fear a “bulky” physique. These are all valid reasons as to why females may be intimidated; however, there are benefits to incorporating weight lifting into a workout regime.

1) Muscles Burn More Calories Than Fat.

With regular weight lifting, your lean muscles increase which speeds up your metabolism. An increase in your metabolism enables you to burn more calories during and after exercise even while resting. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

2) Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis and Injuries.

Weight training builds strong connective tissues (tendons and ligaments) and increases the stability of joints. As females age, their bone density decreases, which increases your risk of osteoporosis. Weight training increases the density of your bone, which increases the strength of your joints, muscles and connective tissues. The stronger these tissues are, the less susceptible you are to injuries and developing osteoporosis.

3) Improve Your Attitude, Mood and Energy Level-
Weight-training increases your strength, which boosts your confidence. With confidence comes a better mood and attitude, which means an increased ability to take on the World. After all you are a superwoman!

Weight training can increase the amount of calories burnt, keeps those connective tissues strong, as well as ensure you feel energetic day and night! As millennium women, you are expected to bring home the bacon, raise the kids and take care of the household. To meet the demands of your grueling lifestyle and schedule you require optimum health to achieve this. Pick up some weights and lift to be fit, strong, happy and healthy.

This article was originally posted on TheWeNetwork.org.

Original source: http://thewenetwork.org/weighing-great-debate-weights/

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