Thrive, Transform & Glow Thru Peri-Menopause

with Trudie



Thrive, Transform & Transcend Through Peri-Menopause
with Trudie

Thrive, Transform & Transcend Through Peri-Menopause
with Trudie

You’re gaining weight, especially around your midsection, you’re consistently tired, moody and irritated.

You look in the mirror, you see yourself, but you don’t recognize yourself.

Your body is changing and changing at a rapid pace. You’ve seen your doctor, but you’re assured nothing’s wrong, it’s all in your head.

You go home and those symptoms persist along with many inexplicable ones.

The weight gain, insomnia, and insatiable appetite persist along with depression and missed or prolonged periods.

It hits you. You’re peri-menopausal!

You’ve heard about it, but you’re thinking, “I’m only in my 40’s, and my doctor says I’m too young for this” (which you are).

You haven’t hit menopause quite yet. You’re going through peri-menopause, which starts in the 5-10 years leading up to menopause.

You’re not prepared to deal with the changes, so I’ve created Thrive, Transform & Transcend Through Peri-Menopause with Trudie to help you.

Thrive, Transform & Transcend Through Peri-Menopause with Trudie is created for women like you.

Women experiencing this change are unaware of the changes in their bodies.

Women like you who want answers and to understand what’s going on with their bodies.

Women who want to get a handle on this because these symptoms will persist for a good 8-10 years…

Women like you.

Most doctors aren’t taught how to help you. In fact, in med school, we are a forgotten population. They are simply taught, “women experience menopause in their 50’s,” and that’s basically it.

I’m here to help you on this journey.

By no means am I a medical professional.

What I am is a peri-menopausal woman like you, who is experiencing similar charges like you.

A woman who has completed extensive research to help you understand and enjoy this experience.

As you enter peri-menopause and you start piling on unwanted body fat, especially around your midsection, you may make the following mistakes:

  • Doing Nothing- You decide to do nothing because you believe this is what happens when you’re going through peri-menopause. Your periods may be coming to a stop, but this doesn’t mean you have to!
  • Dieting- You’re unhappy with the weight you’ve gained, so you decide to drastically reduce your calories. Sure, it may work for a short time, but it will come back sooner or later. If your calorie intake is too low (and it usually is when you go on a diet), your metabolism slows down, and you gain fat instead of losing it!
  • Not exercising- It is completely ok to work out during peri-menopause. In fact, it’s encouraged. While this may be a phase of your life that requires adjustment, not working out isn’t one of them. One of the ways to combat unwanted belly fat is by incorporating regular workouts.
  • Performing the wrong exercises- Not all workouts are created equal. While you may be working out, you may perform incorrect workouts. You need to ensure the exercises you’re completing align with your goals.
  • Not making changes in your life – Your life and your body are changing, so it’s only normal to amend your lifestyle to accommodate and navigate such changes.
Trudie German

You’ll learn:

  • The healthy habits you need to navigate this change
  • That it doesn’t have to be hell
  • To embrace this time with ease and grace
  • How to beat the peri-menopausal weight gain
  • How to lose belly fat and keep it off that comes with peri-menopause
  • Expert tips on how to eat to keep the fat off
  • How to reduce and prevent those dreaded hot flashes & night sweats
  • How to identify and minimize the other symptoms associated with peri-menopause


  • No more feeling moody & miserable
  • No more frustrations with the weight gain
  • No more Thinking you’re losing your mind with changes in your body
  • Understanding your body and the changes

I know you’re struggling to figure out:

  • What’s going on with your body?
  • What foods to eat to help you lose fat?
  • What exercises to perform to lose belly fat?

What if you took care of yourself first (for once!), took part in this program, and all of a sudden you:

  • Started feeling confident while navigating peri-menopause.
  • Lost the unwanted weight you’ve gained and even built muscle and flexibility.
  • Slept through the night and woke up feeling refreshed & energized.
  • Understood peri-menopause, your body, and the unpleasant symptoms that have been plaguing you for months.
  • Improved your health, fitness and mood.
  • Enjoyed this new chapter in your life. (I mean, your period is coming to an end 🎉)

That’s exactly what’s included in Thrive, Transform & Glow Thru Peri-Menopause with Trudie.


Q: What’s included in Thrive, Transform & Transcend Through Peri-Menopause with Trudie?

A: It includes pre-recorded 30 minutes at home workouts using two sets of dumbbells (a set of 10lbs and a set of 20lbs) and weekly coaching. The coaching will be on realistic ways to minimize and eradicate some of the unpleasant symptoms associated with peri-menopause.

Q: What If I’m not experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms?

A: Can I still join Thrive, Transform & Transcend Through Peri-Menopause with Trudie? As much as we would love to have you, this program was created and designed specifically for women experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms.

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