How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Are you having a hard time losing or even maintaining weight? You’re eating food in the right amounts but it just isn’t reflected on your body?  The problem could be a slow metabolism.  [...]

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Fat

Have you been working out and eating right but still not getting the results you want?  I keep seeing plenty of women struggle from stubborn fat that they just can’t seem to lose.  I’ve [...]

Why You Need to Stop Eating Junk Food

It’s midnight, you’re in bed mindlessly scrolling through your phone when the cravings suddenly hit you… You may contemplate for a second on what to eat but ultimately, you find yourself [...]


A few years ago my sister and I were visiting one of our brothers (we have 4 brothers) and my sister hopped on the scale to check her weight and was disappointed with the reading. She told me to [...]

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