Staying Active This Winter

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This year I challenged myself to living an even more active lifestyle.  In addition to my go-to exercising, I learnt how to swim and bike ride. I started boxing and got also into tennis!  Of course I enjoyed most of the these activities outdoors when it was sunny and nice out. Now that winter is just around the corner,  I still plan on staying active.  When it comes to weight-training, boxing and swimming indoors, I’m all set!  But to complement these and to keep things fresh, here are a few of the activities I plan on adding to the roster:


I had previously played a few years back and I remember that it was a great way of increasing endurance and power. But I especially loved how it challenges you  mentally and physically. Think about it… running back and forth to make sure you hit that ball before your opponent gets to it!

Ice Skating:

This one may be a stretch for
me, especially if we’re talking ‘outdoor’ skating… I may be an active girl but I’m not a fan of the cold. Although Ice skating is not as intense as squash, it definitely is a great leg workout. Plus, you get to have fun with friends and family. I’m thinking of adding this to my schedule and skating about 1-2 days per week..  Because I’ll be a beginner, I’m sure it’ll be more of a leisurely exercise for me.. at least at first…

Indoor Rock Climbing:

This is the one I’m most looking forward to than any of the others. Climbing will really test my upper body strength. I’ve rock climbed before and previously depended on my legs to propel me forward (which I learned later on was incorrect).   For rock climbing, upper body strengths should dominate, hence I’ll be able to refine my pull up skills.

What I love most about these is that they’ll keep my heart rate up and will add a little friendly competition to time spent with family and friends.

Do you guys have any suggestions on staying active and healthy this winter?

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