Stay Fit & Healthy At Work!

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I don’t think we realize how little we move at the place where we spend most of our time!

W O R K!

Whether we work in a corporate office, at home, or a co- working space, the truth is, most of us don’t move enough. We spend more time sitting, which leads to a sedentary lifestyle which could lead to obesity.

Does this sound like you?

Don’t worry when I was in the corporate world, I experienced those woes and for the love of me, I couldn’t figure out the culprit.

The “problem” that I was experiencing was that I was barely moving all day! Ever had one of those days where your activity tracker still says 1,000 steps and your thinking dam it’s already 3Pm. Well that was me, constantly sitting at a desk all day and the only steps I was getting in was for a meeting or the odd bathroom break. Sure, this might seem like I was a diligent worker, but it was reducing my energy and impacting my health, productivity, and mindset.

If you find yourself in the same boat, read below and let me tell you about some of the things I implemented to change this “problem” into a “solution.” Hey, I still use these tools today for myself and my clients cause even though I might not be in an office environment, I catch myself not taking those needed movement breaks when I get into working from home.

So, get your move on and workday energy up with a few of the below ideas…

 1. Drink More Water: Not only will drinking more water give you an excuse (need) to get up from your desk and hit the bathroom more, it actually has so many beneficial health elements. It will help increase your energy, eliminate waste, make your skin glow and help with mental alertness. That’s only a few key benefits, so drink-up!

2. Take the Stairs: How many of you find yourself waiting for the elevator when you come or go from work or use it throughout the day to go to a meeting on another floor? Well next time, walk right past that elevator and to the stairs! Climbing the stairs is a low impact activity, but it will get your heart pumping! Not only will this help your cardiovascular health (reduce chances of heart attacks, high blood pressure, or strokes) but it will tone those legs, engaging all your major lower-body muscles (hello booty), and it helps strengthen your bones (reducing Osteoporosis).

 Fit & Healthy At Work

 3. Park Further Away: You can implement this not only at work but when you’re our running errands. We always look for that close parking spot but instead choose to park at the farthest spot and walk in. Those extra steps will help you burn a few more calories and get your body moving. You won’t even realize that it took you 1 minute longer to make the trek!


4. Take the Long Way: Like parking further away when you’re in the office pick the “long way.” This means, instead of going to the closest bathroom or kitchen pick one on the opposite side of the floor or even on a different floor depending on your office set-up. This give you a chance to step away from your desk, get in some movement, and take a mental break from work, allowing you to return more focused and energized.

5. Walk & Talk (Calls & Meetings): It’s exactly as it sounds, instead of having your meeting in a boardroom or at someone’s desk, you both get  up and go for a walk. Research has shown that walking promotes creative thinking and evidence is suggesting that more honest exchanges between colleagues occur, helping to increase productivity. This is because walking helps relax the brain, and individuals tend to feel more comfortable walking and talking (more peer to peer type exchange) then when in an office meeting where it is more formal, and an organizational hierarchy appears to exist. It will also give you a chance to unplug and not constantly be interrupted by calls or emails distracting you away from the person you’re meeting with.

 Fit & Healthy At Work

6. Workout During Lunch: While it might take a little bit of coordination and planning, if this is the most convenient or only time your able to get in a work out, then go for it! Lots of gyms offer lunch time classes that are normally 45-minutes allowing you time to shower and get back to the office or plan your own workout. Circuit training can be a great option for lunch time workouts to get help you get a good calorie burn in a shorter time frame. You can also reach out to me cause I’ve got you covered for those 30 minute workouts 3 times per week! Your lunchtime energy will be spiked after these workouts!

 7. Use a Stability Ball: Is that office chair giving you back pain and causing you to slouch? Well ditch the chair and grab a stability ball. Using one will not only help improve your posture (goodbye back pain!), but it will help tone your core muscles (with no back of the chair, you must engage your core muscles to sit upright), and it will help burn extra calories (stability balls cause movement and movement burns calories). You might get a few stares around the office at first but guaranteed a few of your colleagues will be jumping on the bandwagon soon!

 8. Join an Office Sports Team or Create a Walking/Run Club: Work doesn’t have to be all work and no fun. Check out what type of activities your work has for colleagues and if there are none then take the initiative and get something started. Not only will you be getting in exercise, but you will also be fostering a social and team environment within your workplace. These new connections will make going to work every day that much more enjoyable.

9. Use a Fitness Tracker: If you need a visual prompt then get yourself a fitness tracker. There are so many on the market now a days from Fitbit’s to the iPhone watch, that can help you set daily goals and send you reminders when you haven’t moved in a while. It’s a great way to stay aware and ensure that you are stepping away from your desk every so often to refocus and get blood circulation happening to ensure energy throughout the day.

There you have it. These are just some of the tip and tricks that I implemented into my daily routine and still do to make sure that I maintain my energy all day long. Sitting can be exhausting so don’t feel bad about taking that 5 minute break to get in some movement because your mind and productivity will only increase from it.

Let me know in the comments section what you like to do at work to get yourself moving!

If you’re looking to start that lunchtime workout routine or want help as you get your health and fitness journey started reach out to me at  or HERE for you FREE 15 Minute consultation and I’d be happy to help 😊


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