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We’re a generation that aims for instant-gratification. This applies to both our professional and personal lives; weight loss of course is not exempted from this need. It seems as though many people are convinced that using various types of wraps around their midsection will yield the same results as hours of exercise—that of a flat and toned stomach. There are even photos that show before and after photos and I must admit they look very impressive.

While these ads mention the key to loosing weight and inches is consistency, they make no mention of monitoring your nutritional consumption or engaging in physical activity. Being active, along with eating healthy, is paramount to losing and maintaining weight.

You may think these wraps are working because, while wearing them, you perspire more. However, it’s important to keep in mind that losing water-weight is quite different than losing fat.

Your hormones ultimately control weight loss, because they control your metabolism. Wearing of a wrap plays no role in the modification of your hormones—and hence has no effect on weight loss.

Body wraps may be great for temporary loss of fluid, but they are definitely not a long-term solution.

Remember, it took a little while for the weight to add on. So, in turn, give your body a chance to lose it.  The healthier your weight loss process, the longer you will be able to sustain it and keep the weight off.

It’s no secret: healthy eating, along with being active and exercising, are the keys to weight loss.

Slow and steady wins the race.


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