5 Self-Care Tips To Survive the Holidays!

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“Self-care Sunday” is one of those terms that seems to be a new trend on IG. I’m personally not a fan because self-care isn’t something we should practice once a week, heck it’s needed DAILY. As much as it’s needed daily, the reality is, most of us don’t practice it daily, because we either don’t think it’s mandatory or we simply don’t have time or feel guilty when we make time to take care of ourselves. Listen, you cannot take care of anyone or anything if you’re not well!

Here are some tips to ensure you TAKE care of YOU this upcoming holiday season!

1. Make Your Physical Health A Priority: With the holidays comes social events on evenings and weekends, few more drinks then we might normally have, and where do I start with the food. Let’s be real, all that delicious holiday baking and the wonderful meals that we get to eat, who can resist, cause I sure can’t! It is the most wonderful time of year but in order to get through the holiday season and feel good, you have to put your physical health first. That means….

  1. Drink Water: Water will help maintain your energy and brain function, keep your skin looking great and can help with your digestion. It also helps when out at a party to drink a glass of water in between having an alcoholic beverage in order to maintain hydration and ensure no hangover the next day!
  2. Sleep: You’ve probably read how important sleep is a number of times on my blog. In fact, you can get the whole down low by READING, “Here’s Why You Need Sleep,” on my BLOG. The quick rundown to help you for the holiday season though, is that by getting enough sleep you will: improve your memory and productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your immune system and help avoid weight gain. I guarantee as you read that list you thought that at least two of those things you could benefit from! So, get in those zzzzzz’s
  3. Nutrition: Hey this is a great time of year to indulge and you know that I won’t be passing up that dessert, so I’m not telling you too either! What I do suggest though is when you aren’t at an event try to eat balanced meals that will fuel you for your long days. This way your keeping a balance and getting lots of nutrient dense foods so when that Holiday Party comes up you can happily eat as you like!

 Self-care Self-care Self-care

2. Practice Gratitude: This is something we all could benefit from practicing not only during the holidays but every day. The holidays just heighten our stress level and the need to have perfection, so we need to take a step back and remember the things that we are most thankful for.  The holidays are about being together and enjoying each other’s company, so remember that when say your brother or your aunt gets on your nerves about plans or your cooking or some other small tid bit that really shouldn’t matter. Take that moment to look at the positive in the situation and why you care for these people or how amazing the event that you are at actually is!

A way that you may enjoy incorporating gratitude into your daily life is to have a gratitude journal. Each morning when you wake up, write something that you are thankful for and something that you are looking forward to in the day. It doesn’t always have to be big things, but it will help kick your day off on a light and happy note, making you realize that no matter how busy or stressed out you might be, there are great things to be looking forward to and people around to support you!


3. Schedule Time For Yourself: Let’s face it, the holidays are the busiest time of the year and if you’re like me and have trouble saying “NO” to people then this time a year can be overwhelming with all the events and people to see. This is why you have to schedule some time for yourself! It could be staying in for a night and just reading a book or watching a holiday movie that you love and relaxing. We all need time to recharge and refocus, so make sure you give yourself that time. Your friends and family will understand because you will be showing up to events happier and more present then if you were wearing yourself down.

4. Exercise: Anyone shocked that exercise is on the list!? Lol…Yes, exercise comes up in basically every one of my blogs but that is because there is no hiding how good it is for you! What better way to make sure that you’re keeping yourself healthy, happy and lowering your stress over the holidays then getting in a workout? That workout will release endorphins which are the feel-good hormones, filling you with more energy and it will put a smile on your face for all those social events that your attending. If you still need a little inspiration on why you should keep up your workout routine during the holiday, check out my blog, “11 Reasons Why You Should Exercise!” HERE. You’ll be carving out that time for in your schedule for yourself to make sure that you get it in cause you know you want too!


5. Stop Comparing: The holidays shouldn’t be about, “keeping up with the Jones,” every family is unique and we all have our awesome traditions and some other things that we just won’t talk about lol. The point is though, to celebrate what you have and who you are surrounded with because that is what matters. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, so stop stressing and know that what you have is wonderful and if you aren’t happy with something, work on making a positive change! Keep that holiday spirit alive and keep what’s in your control enjoyable, relaxing and happy 😊. Do You!

If you have a busy and potentially stressful Holiday Season coming up then make sure to start implementing some of the Tips above! Your mind and body will be thanking you come January. If you looking for more insight to start addressing your health, CLICK HERE and set up your FREE 15-Minute Phone Call with me! I would love to help you and I’m just a quick phone call away.

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