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I’m going on vacation in a short while and I keep procrastinating on bathing suit shopping.. Why? Well, like most women, I view bathing suit shopping as a daunting task, but of course, somewhat of a necessity for all that fun vacation stuff!

I normally have no problem looking at my body daily in the mirror at home… but there’s something about those mirrors in dressing rooms!

They just seem to show my body in a different light (literally!), one that seems (disappointingly) unflattering.

You’d think that they would make the lights a little less harsh..

After all, we are half-naked in there!

To help ease my bathing-suit-shopping anxiety, I decided to try these tips

  • Shop as early in the morning as possible.

Face it… We all seem to prefer our bodies earlier in the day rather than later. We haven’t consumed much food yet, so everything, (the stomach especially) looks slimmer & flatter–and if we’re lucky we can even see some ‘ab’ delineation!

  • Go solo.

As much as I love my girls, I find flying solo sometimes, especially for bathing suit shopping, is best. I ended up trying on a variety of suits, and was able to take my time with no pressure to come out of the dressing room.

  • Focus on your “bad” side in the mirror.

I think we have a ‘favorite’ side (whether we like to admit it or not) and I figure if I look great on my ‘bad’ side, then I’ll definitely look awesome on my best side. (Fingers crossed!)

  • Try a few jumping-jacks

While on vacation, I definitely plan on taking part in a few water activities. The last thing I need on vacation is a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ for all of the resort guests to see. The jumping-jacks seem to do the trick when you need to check for any spillage action.

After tying these tricks, bathing suit shopping wasn’t so bad. I guess the adrenaline just kicked in after a workout of squats and jumps. J

What tips do you use to relieve the ‘dread’ of bathing suit shopping?

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