How to Increase Your Confidence !

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A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and she asked how am I so confident? What, where and how did I gain enough confidence to start a business let alone continue through the ups and downs. I replied by simply saying, “failure wasn’t an option” and carried on with our conversation.

When I got off the phone with her, I replayed her question and my response in my head, realizing that I did her and myself an injustice with the lame, vague response I gave her. I realized that I wasn’t always the most confident person because I hadn’t accomplished much to be confident about.

Here’s the thing, most of us lack confidence because we haven’t completed anything to be confident about!!! You read correct, we lack confidence because we haven’t finished what we started. Before you “get all in your feelings”, think about this for a second. What was the last thing you started that you actually completed?

  • I mean how many books have you bought to read and have actually read them?
  • How many online courses have you purchased and followed through, completing every task and assignment?
  • How about fat loss programs? We both know you’ve purchased more than your fair share and still haven’t completed them.

Now, please don’t think I’m bashing you, because I am just as guilty as you are. For example:

  • I started French lessons, dropped it because I didn’t have anyone to speak French with (lame excuse I admit).
  • Swimming lessons, yep, started more than one then discontinued because my skin was always dry and washing my hair afterwards was too much work (obviously this was when I had shoulder length hair and another lame excuse).
  • Skating lessons, another incomplete activity in the books. My excuse for this was one was it was too cold to skate outside or in the indoor rink.


I mean, based on my above track record, what was I to be confident about? What have I ever started and followed through with all the way to the end?


Well, that was until I decided to actually finish what I started. I noticed that completing these tasks (whether it was a workout, a course I signed up for or reading a book) left me with a sense of fulfillment. Of course, add the completion of those tasks to my regular exercise routine, and girl, my confidence level went through the roof.

Oh, you’re wondering what’s the co-relation between regular exercise and confidence? Well, when you exercise regularly, your body and your mood changes, you look and feel better which in turn increases your confidence.

Increase Your Confidence

It is so beneficial to get women started into fitness at a young age, whether that be on a sports team or in a gym to help them build confidence in themselves and realize they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Here’s what I invite you to do. Choose one thing, just one and complete it. Whatever that one thing is, regardless of how many steps are involved, complete it. Go all the way to the end no matter how long it may takes. Please make a note of how you felt prior to starting this task and how you feel at the end. I promise you, your confidence level will have increased drastically!

Feel free to share that thing with me 🙂 and click HERE for your FREE 15 minute consultation and we’ll help get your confidence up and you feeling and looking your best!!


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