How To Find A Good Personal Trainer

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How To Find A Good Personal Trainer In Toronto And What Does It Cost

You have finally made the decision to get in shape by using the services of a personal trainer. Congratulations! Personal training really does work. This is a significant milestone in your life, which you will look back on with happiness, once you make some real progress. But now you have the challenge of finding the right trainer at an affordable price. I would like to explore this with you and help you make a good choice; one that will pay in dividends as the months of service with your trainer go by.

Who is the Right Personal Trainer for You?
To figure out which trainer is right for you, you need to first ask your trainer exactly how they will help you, and what they recommend for achieving your individual goals. Remember to also look at their personality, qualifications and educational certifications as well as possible testimonials from past clients. All of these paint a picture that will allow you to determine if the trainer is going to work well for you.

The personality of the trainer is very important because you need to work together as a team. Is he or she overly assertive? Too passive? Does he or she hardly talk? Is the trainer too much like a drill sergeant? You need to determine the teaching style that is best for you, to give you the best chance of success.

Male or Female Trainer?
It is not so much about the gender of the trainer, but rather your own preconceived notions about how he or she can train you properly. Some people don’t really care if the trainer is a male or female. However, this is not the case for all. For example, an elderly woman may prefer the services of a female trainer over a male simply for comfort. You need to decide which one is the best fit for you.

The Kinds Of Training Offered
You should know upfront what type of methods the personal trainer will be using, and what you need. Will your trainer utilize gentle methods (like yoga and easy weight training) or do you need something more motivating and high-intensity? The kind of training is extremely important. It needs to fit your current health condition and allow you to make progress.

Specialized Training Experience
You may have also suffered a recent injury which requires physical therapy. Will the personal trainer be able to help with rehab? You may need to lose some weight while recuperating from the injury. In this particular case, you will need a personal trainer who is familiar with injury recovery, who can help you achieve your weight loss goals in a realistic and safe way without further aggravating your condition.

Mobile Personal Training Versus In-Gym Personal Training
You might also need to determine if an in-gym trainer is better for your needs, versus employing the services of a mobile personal trainer to come to your home. Which of these methods works out better in the end for saving money and achieving the best results? Should you pay a little more or cut corners? What you should consider is the end result — how your body will look and feel, and what is more convenient for you. Will your trainer be able to give you their undivided attention at the gym or will they be helping other clients at the same time? You also have to determine if you are actually getting more bang for your buck, since you may have to invest in a home gym setup when you hire a trainer to come to you.

In Home Personal Training
Having a trainer come to your home or business might be the best option for you. For example, if you are a quiet person or have specific health issues, then you may need an in home personal trainer. A gym can be intimidating for some people. Having a trainer come to your home may actually be a better fit.

How Much Will A Mobile Personal Trainer Cost You In Toronto?
On average, an in home personal trainer may charge anywhere from $75 to over $100 for an hour-long session. This is also contingent on the type of contract, amount of training sessions, specialty services provided, package deals or monthly fees, as well as the equipment you might need.

In-Gym Personal Training
When it comes to in-gym training. You need to ask these questions: Will you get the best results for the time and money you spend at the gym? Will the gym equipment be available when you are there? Does the personal trainer need to work with other clients at the same time for you to get a discount? Will the cost of paying for a gym membership and personal trainer be more expensive over time? What is your bottom line for monthly fees? When answering these questions, consider the following:

• The average person will spend anywhere from $35 to $75 a month on just a gym membership. Most memberships are done on a contract basis and there is no getting out of them. Early cancellations can result in fines and fees, along with damaged credit.

• The personal trainer’s fees can be as high as $100 a session, and even more for unique cases.

• Waiting times on equipment can reduce your time with the trainer.

Also, make sure the personal trainer doesn’t hit you with any hidden fees. Read the contract carefully first and question anything you are not sure about before signing on the dotted line. Is there an agreement between yourself and your trainer that outlines cancellation and rescheduling of sessions?

Checking Qualifications
Just because the business card says ”personal trainer” doesn’t actually mean they are qualified to handle your specific needs. One of the first things you should be looking into is the trainer’s background, qualifications, and experience. Below is a list of common personal trainer certifications:

• The American Council on Exercise (ACE)

• National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

• National Strength and Conditioning Association

An exercise physiology degree or something related from an accredited university is also good. You should know upfront the type of personal trainer you are employing. This especially holds true if you have specialized needs and other potential health issues.

Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Personal Trainer
Some trainers have different ways of doing things in regards to exercise routines, diet, monitoring their client’s performance, and policies. You need to know your trainer’s policies and understand the agreement you are making. Below is a list of important questions you should ask a potential personal trainer:

• Do you offer a free consultation so I can see if we can work well together?

• Do you carry liability or a similar type of insurance?

• How much do you charge per session or is there a discount for packages?

• Do you have a contract in place that states each party’s responsibility?

• Do you offer a payment plan? How do you charge?

• Do you penalize for cancellations or changes to the contract?

• Can I ask you about your background in regards to certifications, qualifications and your education?

• Do you still keep up with the latest education on training and sports medicine?

• Can I contact someone about your methods of personal training?

• I have special health and physical needs so what can you do to help me without too much extra cost?

The Bottom Line
Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to ensure you achieve your long-term goals. Once you have weighed the cost versus the service, the end result is well within reach. Choose wisely, do your homework, and get the body you’ve always wanted.

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