How To Create A Morning Routine That Works!

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Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I was not a morning person. I had a corporate job and had to be up by 6:30am to arrive at work by 8:00am. My routine then consisted of my alarm going off around 6am, hitting snooze 2-3 times, jumping out of bed, and rushing to get dressed to beat the traffic in order to arrive by 8. I would feel exhausted by the time I got to work and promised myself I would go to bed earlier and get up on time the next day, well I’ll let you decide how that went…

Fast forward to me becoming an entrepreneur and having to train clients as early as 5:30am. There was no way, I could pull the same stunt! I had to develop a routine that wouldn’t have me hitting snooze and running around in the mornings like a chicken without its head. 

I was finally able to do so, and here’s how I did it, and you can too (It’s great to start your day off on the right foot and have that positive energy as you tackle what lies ahead. So, with Novmber tomorrow, start setting new goals and getting things done right as you wake-up! 

Make it YOUR routine: How many times have you found this amazing “morning” workout and decided to try it, lasting only 2 days, simply because of the amount of work and time it required? I mean a morning routine that takes 2 hours??? Heck, you barely have enough time to shower and do your hair in the mornings. 

First, you need to figure out what y ou would like to accomplish by establishing a morning routine. Is it to improve yourself mentally, emotionally or physical? My morning routine focuses on my mental and spiritual health. It includes reading my bible, saying a prayer, meditating, and listening to something spiritual like Joyce Myers while getting dressed. Maybe yours could be physical, the time where you actually workout because for you, if it doesn’t happen then it may not happen for the rest of the day. 

morning routine that works morning routine that works

You also need to start small, don’t try and be a hero. It could start with something as simple as drinking a glass of water each morning, spending 5 minutes journaling or reviewing your daily “to do” list.  These are all just ideas, so take a few moments and think about what your goals are for not only tomorrow but the future.

Whatever goals you choose to work on, make sure it aligns with your needs. 

Implement One Goal at a Time: Yes, I get it. You want to change you, your family and the world. That sounds great and you will, but first let’s take it back a few notches. First, let’s start with one goal, before you jump right into the deep end without knowing how to swim. Take a step back now and look at your goals and choose one, potentially the “easiest” one because I want you to succeed and slowly get you to transform your morning. Choose that one and implement it immediately. This could be getting up 15 minutes earlier each morning. Once you’ve mastered that, you can add something else, like deep breathing exercises. Do you see how tiny these goals are?

morning routine that works morning routine that works

That’s because you’re making a lifestyle. Everything takes time and patience and new habits are things that take time. According to a study published by the European Journal of Social Psychology, it took on average more than 2 months, 66 days to be exact for a habit to be fully formed. So, imagine trying to do 3 new things at the same time? Now I’m not suggesting you have to wait 66 days to add in a new morning habit but ensure that you are comfortable with your new habit and know that this habit will not be compromised before adding in something new.

Remember it’s small changes compounded over time that yield big results!  

Get in Movement: This one might not come as a surprise that I am suggesting it, but it doesn’t mean you have to go for a run or strength train first thing in the morning unless YOU want to. The idea is that you want to get in any type of positive movement which could be a walk or stretching because it’s been shown that when you move in the morning, it will inspire you to continue moving throughout the day. Result, you’ll be more active than those who don’t move first thing. If you are fired up to get your workout done in the morning, a study published in Health Psychology found that morning gym goers were more apt to make it a continuous habit than those who didn’t. This is because there have been no interruptions yet in your day, and you didn’t have to worry about sacrificing your workout because something came up at work or you’d rather go for dinner with friends. You’ll also get a rush of those endorphins from your morning workout that will leave you in a better mood and filled with more energy to tackle your day!

  morning routine that works

Sleep: Wait, what night’s sleep, go to bed on time! It seems simple, but it will ensure you’re energetic sleep? What does this have to do with your morning routine? Well, when you’ve gotten enough sleep you will notice improved concentration and problem-solving skills, while also increasing productivity. All which are key to getting that morning routine accomplished. Sleep is also important for your immune system to ensure that you are able to fight off sickness and recover, while it also improves your athletic performance because as you sleep those muscles are given time to repair. Sleep is a necessity and to ensure you’ve gotten a good and ready to start your day. 


Not a Morning Person? I’m sure a few of you are reading this thinking that’s great but mornings are just not my thing. That’s okay, these are tips for you too, to make your mornings less stressful! Guess what, use the same formula mentioned above whenever you’re ready to start your day, whether it’s 5am, 11am or 2pm, use them!

These are just a few tips and tricks that have worked for myself and my clients. These routines are not set in stone because you’ll find you’ll need to adjust them as the seasons (weather) or your life changes. I say find what works for you! 

Create some healthy habits to kickstart your mornings with a positive attitude and smile on your face! Make it work, because mornings are coming whether you like it or not, so you might as well start it in a positive way!

If you’re in need of coaching or looking for that morning exercise program to get your day started, reach out to me at Train With Trudie, and I’d be happy to help! We’ll have a FREE 15-min conversation so get things started to check it out! 

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