How To Be Fit & Healthy On The Go!

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Waking up in one time zone, then going to sleep in another. How about even waking up in one country and then going to asleep in a whole other country or continent??

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? It can be!

As much as travelling can be exhilarating because of the new perspectives gained and exposure to different cultures, it can be equally tiring and exhausting. I’m sure at some point you’ve returned home from recent travel whether it be for work or leisure, and if you weren’t careful, it certainly took a toll on your health.

I’ve experienced this in the past but a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way have made travelling enjoyable and no longer leave me trying to recover or struggling to get back into my routine. Check-out some of my go to ways for staying fit and healthy on the go Below:

  1. Hydration: Between running through an airport, sitting on a plane for hours, or chatting with colleges at a conference, you may forget or want to avoid drinking water (airplane bathrooms eek!). Let me tell you though the more water the better! Staying hydrated will help maintain your energy and brain function, keep your skin looking great and can help with your digestion, which may all be thrown off by being in a new environment. An easy way to maintain hydration is to carry your reusable bottle with you everywhere. Not only will you have cold water for 24hours, you can easily fill it up in your hotel room (as long as the water is safe), at drinking fountains (airports have them!), and at local restaurants and coffee shops. An extra bonus is that you will be saving money by not having to buy water everywhere you go and your helping the environment, all while staying hydrated!

  1. Pack LOTS of Snacks (or go Shopping): Have you ever walked through an airport or are sitting in a meeting and hunger strikes? The problem is that there just never seems to be that healthy option to grab, so instead you go for the cookies, chocolate bar or chips. It happens to all of us. Well one of the great ways to avoid this, is to Pack Your Own Snacks! If you’re flying, stock up on non-perishable items like nuts, jerky and protein bars to name a few. Even pack your own breakfast or lunch to avoid buying something at the airport or off the airplane cart. If bringing things with you seems like a hassle then once arriving in town, find the local grocery store and stock up on some fresh fruits, vegetables, and snacks that you can keep with you to stay ahead of that hunger and help you make smart choices.


  1. Networking = Alcohol & Dinner: It can be hard meeting up with clients and colleagues because it normally involves some food and a few drinks, but you can still enjoy yourself with a few little changes. Some things that have worked for me are: having a snack before arriving at an event so that when I see the food table, I can refrain from over indulging. When asked what sides you would like with your meal, I go for the vegetables, those fries might look good but just cause your away doesn’t mean you don’t need those veggies! I also try to always have a glass of water with me at all times. Not only will it keep you hydrated and fill you up, but it will help lower your alcohol consumption, which you’ll be thanking yourself for the next day.

Fit & Healthy

  1. Jet Lag: Flying between time zones can leave me feeling off and out of sync with my regular routine. Something that’s worked for me, is trying not to schedule anything 24 hours within landing. This isn’t always possible, but try your best, as it helps you get acclimated to your new surrounds or your home again and allows you to take the time to get organized and attend to any of your own needs before that of others. It’s also important to stay hydrated, make healthy food choices, and get the right amount of sleep, in order to avoid jet leg getting the best of you!

  1. Exercising: Just because your away from home and your normal gym or group fitness class, doesn’t mean that there are no options to work out! When travelling there are lots of options to stay active. You can do a hotel room workout with body weight exercises or pack a resistance band and add that to your workout. Try out a group class at boutique style gym in the area. It’s a cool way to try a workout that you wouldn’t normally do at home, and it’s a nice way to meet new people. Another option would be to take a walk and explore the city that you’re in. There is no better way to get acquainted with an area then just to explore on foot and check out the local neighbourhoods. Hey, you might even find a great park, some cool shops, or somewhere you want to check out for dinner! Also, don’t forget that your hotel most likely has a gym, some even have fitness classes or pool aerobics, so check out the offerings online before you even get there, and add it to your schedule!

Fit & Healthy
So next time you’re travelling for work or personal fun, remember these tips and I promise you, they will help you not only stay healthy while away, but will have you coming home refreshed and ready to jump back into your routine!

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