Here’s What Your Food Cravings Really Mean !

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Have you ever had such a craving where you feel like you would sell your first born?

I mean you’re craving those salted fries from McDonald’s where you got dressed at 11pm to drive 5 blocks just to satisfy that craving?

SURPRISE! You’re not alone.

As the young ones today would say, “the struggle is real”. Well, at least the cravings struggle that is.

Most of us has experienced food cravings at some point, heck, you may be experiencing one this very moment while reading this blog post. You just can’t explain those re-occurring cravings.

Today, I’ll help you get to the root of some of those food cravings along with how to get rid of them.

Salty Foods– Have you ever felt like you could just have the entire salt shaker like its happy hour and you’re having your favourite drink? That’s because you may be low on Vitamin B and/or Sodium.Vitamin B is needed to break down the carbohydrates, proteins and fats you’ve eaten. Sodium is needed to maintain proper fluid balance along with transmitting nerve impulses within your body. To rid this salty craving, have more salt, well natural salt, Himalayan is best of course. For Vitamin B, dark, leafy green vegetables along with meat and legumes. This should satisfy your salty conundrum.

Food Cravings

Red Meat– If you haven’t had red meat in a while and  you feel the urge for a piece of steak, or heck the entire cow, that’s usually indicative that your iron level is low(**Ladies if you find that you’re more tired around your menstrual cycle this may also signify low iron). To curb this craving, you can opt for some read meat, (lean protein of course), beans, legumes or an iron supplements should do the trick.

Food Cravings

Chocolate– You just want to devour all the chocolate there is and think about your waist line after and if your spouse dear mention the effect of the chocolate on your waist line, you may just devour them too! You’re simply low on magnesium which you need for your nerves and muscles to function and help to make protein. Add some fish like salmon or mackerel to your nutrition along with some bananas and nuts and that should keep you from devouring your spouse and the entire chocolate.

Food Cravings

Fried Foods– I’m convinced that fried foods especially fried chicken was sent to destroy us!  When you’re craving that Popeyes or KFC finger licking fried chicken, that’s because you need more fat. Hold on, not so fast, I meant healthy FAT or Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), not the fat in the foods mentioned before. Look at it this way, we NEED EFA. EVERY function in our bodies depends on this. Instead of having the unhealthy, low nutrient fats add EFA like avocado, coconut oil, or fish oil, your waist line will thank you!

Food Cravings

Sugar– Whether it’s cake, pizza, muffin, bread or pasta, you’re craving it. A few things could be happening here, you could be eating too much  processed sugar since the more you eat, the more you crave or you could be low on nitrogen. Nitrogen is needed as it’s the protein that helps make our hair, skin and muscles. This protein is found in meat, legumes and vegetables, so go ahead load of the good stuff for your next meal.

Did you notice any commonality in what’s needed to curb your cravings?

Don’t worry, I’ll enlighten you. To curb these cravings which are no doubt hindering your fat loss journey is having balanced meals.

Once your meals are balanced, you’ll be consuming the nutrients needed to sustain you which will eliminate you wanting to trade your first born in for some fries or chocolate. Each time you’re preparing your meals ask yourself the following questions, “Does this meal contain protein, fat and carbohydrate (healthy ones of course), if it does, start eating. If it doesn’t stop, add them, then eat!

Be honest with me, which one of these foods have you contemplated traded a love one for ? 🙂

Comment below to let me know 🙂

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