Here’s How To Keep Your Weight Loss New Year’s Resolution

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Yeah, it’s another year baby!

Another year to set some goals and smash the heck out of them.

Now, truth be told, I’m not an advocate or believer of New Year’s Resolution, as I feel that, if why wait for another day, week, month or year?

With that being said, I know that for most people, one of their biggest New Year’s Resolution is to be healthier and/or lose weight. I mean after all the Christmas parties, dinners, and New Year’s celebration, I can understand why shedding the excess weight is a priority. The truth is, most people fail this New Year’s Resolution by February for the simple fact that they didn’t have a plan or guide in place. They were hoping to simply “wing” it, which of course sets them up for failure. Here’s how to ensure you achieve your weight loss success:

Be Specific-Yes, you need to be as specific as possible with your goal as this will give you a clarity as to what you’re working towards. I want to be healthy or lose weight may be a good way to start, however, they are unclear. A specific goal would be, “I want to drop 4 dress sizes” or “I want to drink 3 liters of water per day”.  Do you notice the difference? One is vague whereas  the other offer is specific. You know exactly what you’re working towards.

Measurable- You will need to measure your progress, if not, you won’t know if and when you have accomplished your weight loss goal. Choose a method to measure and track your progress. For example, you could choose a specific dress you would like to fit into. To measure your progress, you could fit that dress weekly and take photos to monitor your progress.

Attainable- There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big and aiming for the sky, however, your goal needs to be realistic and attainable. If you’ve set a specific goal to drop 4 dress sizes, have you ever been this dress size before? If  not, aiming for such a goal maybe unrealistic.

Your goal should be challenging without having you feeling overwhelmed. You should choose one that excites and keeps you motivated.

Relevant- There may be times when you may feel unmotivated to workout or eat clean, however, determining why this goal is important and relevant to you, will keep you accountable and going. The relevance to you maybe you want to drop 4 dress sizes to look awesome at your high school reunion. Once you’ve determined, why it’s important to you and your life, you’ll keep pushing.

Time- Your weight loss goal should be accompanied by a time frame, a reasonable one by the way which includes a start and an end date. This provides the focus and drive you need to succeed. If your goal is to lose 4 dress sizes, please have a date when you will start working towards this and of course an end date.

Having a plan for your weight loss should include the above, however, it’s not the only step necessary for your success. You need a sound nutrition plan along with a workout routine, to help get you there.

You can get both by CLICKING HERE. Where you need only 30 minutes, 3 times per week.

Is losing weight one of your New Year’s Resolution? If so, how do you plan on achieving it? Please do share with us.

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