Does Personal Training Really Work?

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Does Personal Training Really Work?

You want to improve your physical fitness, but are unsure of how, or even if, you can actually get good results. You don’t want to waste time trying a whole bunch of programs only to eventually fail. You are wondering if personal training really is the answer to all your prayers. If you really want to achieve your fitness goals, a personal trainer might just be the solution you need to improve your health and get the body you’ve always dreamed of. Why? Because it actually works!

Personal Training Actually Works
Top critics of personal training claim that you can accomplish the same kind of results on your own, as long as you are dedicated, keep track of your workouts, and try to make improvements over time. The critics also say this method of tracking your results is free and just requires a few minutes of planning each day before you work out. So what proof is there that personal training can increase the likelihood that you will achieve your fitness goals versus doing it yourself?

The Proof Is In the Pudding
The proof is actually right before your eyes. If you doubt the benefits of personal training, have a look at your potential trainer. Is he or she fit and healthy? Does the trainer have the physique you can visibly appreciate? How about his or her skin tone? Is it vibrant and almost glowing? Does the trainer seem to be filled with energy? In a world where most adults are under-motivated to exercise and are overweight, someone who can maintain a healthy body fat percentage, high muscle tone, physical strength and flexibility, is a living testament that their techniques do work and work significantly better than what most individuals do alone to maintain their health.

More Accurate Tracking
Tracking your fat loss, weight, body measurements, form, technique, how many reps you are doing can be time-consuming. If you were to exercise by yourself, you would need to keep multiple records which would use time that could be spent working out. You also might make mistakes tracking your own results and have data that is not accurate when you switch from working out to recording your efforts. Most personal trainers will track your progress for you. You can let them worry about the fine details. This will allow you to focus only on your workout and making progress, which will also increase your intensity and chances of success.

No Limitations or Excuses
You can use a personal trainer even if you can’t or don’t want to work out in a gym. If you don’t want to exercise in public or if your schedule prevents a trip to the gym, many trainers will bring their training right to your doorstep. Mobile personal training is a fantastic service offered by some personal trainers and it will prevent you from skipping out on an appointment. It’s hard to say no when your trainer knocks on your door. This also keeps you motivated by preventing you from using the same old excuses you might use for not wanting to exercise, when you work out on your own.

How to Get Results from Personal Training

Like anything in life, if you want to be successful you need the right environment and the right set of circumstances. The same goes for personal training. The great thing is that these factors are all under your control.

Right Attitude + Personal Trainer = Impressive Results
A personal trainer can help you achieve impressive results, but you have to have a good attitude. You must be willing to listen to the trainer and at least attempt what he or she asks of you. Trainers will help to guide you when it comes to exercise instruction, tracking your progress and pointing out proper exercise mechanics. Listen and trust your trainer. Let the trainer worry about what you need to accomplish and provide you with detailed reports of your progress over time. Progress reports will provide evidence that you are achieving your fitness goals and give you the confidence to stick to it.

Commitment to Training
There is a level of commitment required to getting the best results. This requires a mutual understanding between you and your trainer. You must become a team and work well together. Your trainer will make every effort to support you, but most of the results will depend on you:

• Showing up to every scheduled session on time every time
• Following the exercise directions your trainer gives you to the letter
• Focusing on the pre-workout as directed
• Following post-workout directions

All of these steps are your responsibility. Following your trainer’s advice, including diet recommendations, is absolutely critical for maximizing your success. Results will also take time, but especially longer, if you are not cooperating with the trainer. For example, if you show up to all of your sessions and do all of the exercises, but you go home and don’t follow a healthy diet, losing weight will take longer than normal because you are undermining all of your efforts.

What Kind of Results to Expect

Results may vary, but many people report that in the first few weeks they have more energy than ever before. This is followed by weight loss, increases in muscle tone, and an overall feeling of wellness. All of these will continue to improve if you maintain a dedicated approach to the plan that your trainer creates for you. Maintaining your personal fitness takes a lot of time and effort. The results are contingent on your cooperation and dedication. No personal trainer can work miracles if you are not on board with the program you are assigned. Personal training works as long as you are committed and dedicated to your own success. All you need to do now is figure out how to find a good personal trainer.

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