7 Ways To Be Fit & Healthy During The Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of year!

I mean more time with your loved ones, holiday parties, gifts and eggnog!  All are fun for sure. All these festivities can also mean less time for you to continue your regular health and fitness regime, even for the most motivated amongst us.

Try these tips to help you through this holiday season to be healthy and fit. You know I will be doing a few of them:

  1. Eat At Home: Your probably reading this an thinking WHAT there will be so much food at the holiday party I’m going to. That is true, and you should enjoy some of it, but the best way to stay on track is to have a healthy meal before you leave home. By eating before, you will already be full, helping to limit the number of tasty treats that you go for and overindulging. It’s one of my favourite secretes because I get those healthy nutrients at home but still satisfy my sweet tooth at the party!


  1. Alcohol Consumption: It’s the holidays, enjoy that glass of wine or eggnog! The trick however is to always keep a glass of water on hand, so you can continually sip it throughout the night. This will ensure that you stay hydrated and fresh, while also not accepting another drink until you’ve also finished that water!


  1. Get In A Workout: Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you need to stop working out! Your schedule might be packed but fit in a 30-minute at home workout to get your body moving and your energy levels up before you hit the town! Those endorphins that your workout will release, will help improve your mood, energy, and lower your stress levels for the busy day ahead. If you’re looking for a quick effective at home workout, check out my program HERE!

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  1. Get the Family Involved: It’s always more fun when more people are involved, so get your family to join in! This could be having the kids help with the holiday baking and cooking or getting everyone together to go for a post dinner walk or game of football outside. Hey, even crack out those board games for some fun/friendly family competition. Not only will you be bonding and creating memories, it helps everyone feel like they are a part of the holiday events!

 Healthy During The Holidays Healthy During The Holidays

  1. Make Time For Yourself: If you read my blog, “5 Self-Care Tips To Survive The Holidays,” then you already know what I’m talking about! The holidays are such a busy time and it is easy to over commit to make everyone happy. You need to make sure however, that you are happy and if that means staying in one night watch your favourite holiday movie or going to your weekly spin class then YOU DO YOU! Check out my BLOG for some more great insight on self-care over the holidays!


  1. Don’t Feel Guilty: Missed a workout or ate one to many desserts off that sweet tray yesterday? That is OKAY!! It’s that holidays make sure to give yourself a break, it happens to the best of us (yes, I’m guilty of it too cause I love my sweets!). Remember that there is always tomorrow, and you can get back on track. It’s all about balance and if you can aim for that over the holidays, you’re doing great!!


  1. Have FUN!!: Yep you read that right, make sure that you are having FUN and enjoying the holidays with family and friends! It is a special time of year, so stop worrying that everything has to be perfect or making sure everyone else is happy, make sure that YOU are happy and enjoying your time! Surround yourself with positive people who bring joy and energy to your life, and you’ll notice that you’ll be smiling no stop throughout this holiday season 😊.

Hopefully you can implement a few of the above tips to ensure that you have a wonderful holiday season! I know I will be enjoying it, so if you have any tips to share, reach out and let me know!!

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