Sugar The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

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A few days ago, one of my Facebook friends posted that she was at a dental screening presentation with her students where they were learning about cavities and the sugar bug. They were being taught that sugar is bad and the negative effects it has on the teeth, however, whenever the children answered a question correctly, they were rewarded with some sort of confectionary treat. She found it ironic that the children were being rewarded with the same thing they’re being taught was bad for them.

Reading her comments, had me thinking about my own struggle with sugar and had me wondering if this is where and how our sugar cravings began unbeknownst to us.

I would like to point out that sugar isn’t entirely bad for us.  Sugar is a form of carbohydrate which our body needs to provide us with the energy needed to survive. The energy which is needed is supplied to us by consuming whole foods like fruits, vegetables and legumes. The type of sugar that is bad for us is processed sugar.

I know you may be thinking that the processed sugar is easy to detect, all you have to do is stay away from pop (soda) and avoid desserts. Wrong!  It lurks in some of our favourite foods like bread and is given different names such and fructose and sucrose. Sugar is even harder to resist because we often use it to celebrate, to reward ourselves, and to cope with stress

Years ago, a girlfriend and I worked at a gym and for both of us, it seemed like kicking our sugar habit was next to impossible.

Sugar seemed to be everywhere and we just couldn’t resist it.

My girlfriend would walk in to the gym with samples of different yummy cookies and we would each have one and say, “OK, that’s it! No more!” Then we would have another, “THAT’S IT! NO MORE!!”

Then another, and another, and in no time there would be only two cookies left in the box and we would just say, “We might as well finish it”.

I’m sure that you ladies can relate.

I mean, you know that processed sugar isn’t good for you, but do you know why?

Here are a few reasons why you need to kick processed sugar to the curb for good!

  1. Sugar Weakens Your Immune System

White blood cells are responsible for strengthening and fighting diseases in your immune system. Processed sugar blocks Vitamin C, (a known immune booster) from getting to your white blood cells, which are responsible for strengthening and fighting diseases in your immune system. A weak immune system leaves you more susceptible to illnesses.

  1. Processed Sugar Has No Nutritional Value

Processed sugar contains absolutely no nutritional value to your body. You’re eating empty calories, calories that will only hinder your flat tummy goals. If you want something sweet, you’re much better off grabbing a piece of fruit like an apple as oppose to a cookie. Fruits are lower in calories and is more nutritionally filled with vitamins and

  1. Consuming Processed Sugar Makes You Gain Weight

When you consume process sugar, your body stores it in your liver in the form of glycogen, which is an excess amount of sugar. The liver can only hold so much before it gets full. Once it’s full,  the excess sugar turns to fatty acids and starts to travel to different areas in the body where it starts to spill over and make area like the hips, thighs, butt, breast and stomachs their home.

With summer just around the corner, I’m sure some of you ladies are feeling the same way. You may have that sugar craving that you think is impossible to get rid of. You have no idea why you’re craving sugar the way you are or how to eliminate it so you can finally have that banging body. If any of the above sounds like you then I would love to help you accomplish your goal.

I’m hosting a 21 Day No Added Sugar Challenge that I would like to invite you to be a part of. During this challenge, you will learn:

* How to recognize the names of processed sugar

* How to find grocery items with no added sugar

* Raise awareness about the long-term health hazards associated with processed sugar

* How to gradually reduce added sugar consumption and finally eliminate it altogether

If you’re ready to fully understand sugar and how to wean yourself off of it with the ultimate goal of getting that bikini body, enter your info below to join.

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