Lose belly fat, change your body, life and fitness in my

14 Day Flat Tummy Challenge

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No, this is NOT another restrictive, calorie counting, juice cleansing, detoxing, quick fix challenge.

This is a challenge that teaches you how to eat and move your body to not only lose  fat BUT to keep it off !

A challenge where you are taught realistic ways to build healthy relationships with friends.

14 Day Flat Tummy Challenge is

  • DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY: To help you lose belly fat without dieting or spending hours per day in the gym working out.
  • DEDICATED COACH: you will have direct access to ME to help you increase your confidence, accountability and help build discipline.
  • NUTRITION GUIDANCE: teaching you nutrition habbits that doesn’t include strict, unrealistic and unhealthy eating habbits.
  • PROVEN PLAN: A system that has been tried and tested by dozens of women.
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT: because having an amazing group of like-minded supportive women with similar goals to cheer you on is important on this journey.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS: I’m confident that if you are willing to put in the work, you will look and feel AMAZING at the end of 14 days!



Are workouts included in the 14 Day Flat Tummy Challenge?


Yes, complete workouts are included.


Do I get a meal plan with the challenge?


Yes, a complete meal plan, recipe and grocery lists are included.


Do I need weights for the expertises?


Yes. You will need 2 sets of dumbbells. (A set of 10-15 lbs and a set of 5lbs).


When does the challenge start?


We begin Monday December 3, 2023.


I don’t have a Facebook Account, can I still join the challenge?


Unfortunately, a Facebook page is required as this is where the community, accountability and Live Daily Coaching from myself will be hosted.

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This is a one time purchase

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