10 Gift Ideas For The Fit Chick On Your List!

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Can you believe it’s almost that time of the year already?

The time where we create our list and check it twice…Christmas gift list that is!

As a chick in fitness and one who lifts, I’m always amazed when my friends and family claim they don’t know what to get me as gifts 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️.

I mean it’s pretty simple, get me something, anything that’s health, fitness, wellness related…

Ok so that may be pretty broad, so let me help you narrow it down to a few items that the fit chick in your squad will love!


1. Single Blender from Hamilton Beach: Quick & easy way to make and have a smoothie. Best part, you can drink it from the same equipment.

2. 4 in 1 multi grill from Hamilton Beach: Great for enjoying grilled meals indoors and can be used all year round!

3. Count Me Healthy Original Journal Bracelet: An easy and stylish way to track her progress and goals!


4. Bandier Paravel Fold Up Wash Kit: Perfect for storing toiletries whether for the gym or while travelling.

 gift for fit

5. YCOActive – Serena Legging Combat Camo Leggings: These tights move with her and stay in place all while making her feel sexy and strong in them!

 6. Amanda Kloots Skipping Rope: This sleek stylish rope allows her to carry it wherever she goes and never miss a workout!

7. Running Shoes: When hitting the gym, she’s gotta have them, so take a look at what she’s currently wearing cause who wouldn’t love a flashy pair of new kicks!?

gift for fit 

 8. Wireless Headphones: Whether they are at the gym or running around doing errands wireless headphones can be key to helping get things done quickly and efficiently, avoiding getting all tangled up in cords! Many are noice cancelling too! Check out the AirPods below as one example

 9. Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is important throughout the day so how about a reusable bottle from S’well that will keep her water cold 24/7.

 gift for fit gift for fit

10. Foam Roller: Recovery is important to every fit chick to make sure she’s at peak potential so why not help her relax those sore muscles and roll them out!

gift for fit

I hope this gift guide has give you some great ideas for the Fit Chick on your list! I know i would LOVE to get any of these items! If you have any suggestions on gift ideas let me know cause i’m always looking out for new things to make my lifestyle easier and fashionable doesn’t hurt either!

If you’re reading this list and thinking that you too want these items but need a little inspiration or guidence to get back into the gym or doing at home workouts, well then CLICK HERE to get get your FREE 15-MINUTE call with me, Trudie. We will get have you setting new goals all before the New Year!!

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