In Home Mobile Personal Training In Toronto

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In Home Mobile Personal Training In Toronto

If you are thinking about hiring a personal trainer in the Toronto area, you are making a great investment in your total health and fitness. However, choosing the best training option for your lifestyle and current health situation is not easy. You may need to decide between hiring a trainer at the gym, and hiring the services of a mobile personal trainer, who will train you in your home (condo or in-home gym). To decide which option is best, you need to know the pros and cons of each.

The Gym – Pros
If you like the gym and find that going there motivates you, having a trainer meet you there might be the right choice. Some people just do better around others and will feel motivated seeing other people trying to get fit.

Today, people who go to a gym are not too different from the everyday people walking down the street. Gyms are now more sensitive to their members’ needs. The days of big, muscle-bound people showing off and making fun of others are long gone. The gym is a much more professional place where people meet and help each other to get fit.

You can make good friends who are motivated to remain healthy. Over time, the gym can become a special place in your life, and allow you to associate your exercise experience with a specific location. This can work well for some people who want to work out at a specific place and time, to create a lasting habit. This also works well for people who tend to be more outgoing and like interacting with like-minded people, or who don’t care if they are being watched while they are exercising.

The Gym – Cons
When you join a gym, you may be able to get a discount for signing a contract; usually for a minimum of 12 months. On average, the monthly fee will be less if you opt these contracts. While that may seem like a good idea, many beginners eventually quit and get stuck with a bill for a service they no longer want.

To avoid this, make sure you understand the contract commitments and what happens if you break yours. Many contracts require full payment if you miss more than 60 days of membership dues. If you stop paying your fees completely, you can also damage your credit and even be sued.

Additional drawbacks of the in gym training include:

1. Increased travel time and fuel costs

2. Not being able to train when there is bad weather or when the gym is closed

3. Overcrowding and competition for gym equipment

One of the main reasons people give for quitting a gym is the sense that they are being watched and judged by people more fit than they are. To a certain degree, this is not true, as people go to the gym to worry about their own fitness. Still, it can be daunting if you are self-conscious about proper gym etiquette, equipment use, and social interaction. Let’s face it, we’re all a little self-conscious about something.

In-Home Personal Training – Pros
With people constantly on the go but still wanting to stay in shape, many are opting to have a personal trainer come to them. This trend is growing because of the convenience of not having to drive to a gym, compete for equipment, or feel embarrassed about their current health condition.

For busy people, having someone meet them at their home can be less stressful, which boosts their motivation and makes their life simpler. This also benefits people who require a more private and personalized training experience.

Hiring a mobile trainer is as simple as picking up the phone. In our society, we love personalized services.

Personal training is just another item on that ever growing list. If you are one of those people who needs some help with motivation, having a mobile personal trainer show up at your door can be the single best decision you make. It is difficult to say no when someone comes to you with everything you need to succeed.

If you need to lose a significant amount of weight, or require special exercises because of a health issue, having a trainer come to your home is usually a better choice than a gym. Personalized training is much easier to do at your home away from prying eyes.

In Home Personal Training – Cons
There aren’t a lot of cons to in home or mobile personal training. Your overall personal training costs could become a factor depending on if you have to invest in a brand new home gym. However, a personal trainer might be able to bring all the needed equipment to you. Saving you significantly.

The Revolution of In-Home Training
There is a revolution of sorts in the fitness industry. That revolution is in home personal training. It is the most convenient way to achieve better health than you could achieve on your own.

Having an in home personal trainer come to you means that you don’t have to travel, spend on fuel, find parking, deal with bad weather, or wrestle with crowds at the gym. You get to have a one-on-one visit from your trainer every time. The focus is exclusively on you, your needs, and the trainer will even bring the right equipment you need to achieve your goals.

The final decision is yours. I look forward to helping you, regardless of your fitness level, or whichever location you decide to train in.

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